“When you first walk into Lindsay’s light, elegant studio, you know that you’ve entered a special realm. She’s created a space in which people can find their best selves, heal old wounds and grow in health and spirit through practice and mindful yoga. Lindsay brings a rare combination of warmth, intelligence, physical ability, detailed knowledge, and gentleness to her teaching. By looking carefully at you as an individual, helping you to find your learning edge, and offering specific cues, Lindsay gracefully brings out extraordinary development of mind, body, and spirit.”

“At 94 my body has some serious limitations. With Lindsay’s keen guidance, I feel stronger and am able to manage the myriad tasks of my life. I can walk, drive my car, cook, shop, and proudly stand erect and ‘tall’ (I am 4′ 5″)! Lindsay has helped me respect my body and better enjoy my pain-free life. Thank you Lindsay.”

“I suffered a serious lower back injury which left me in chronic pain and struggling to walk. Under Lindsay’s clear and mindful tutelage, I gradually healed and gained the confidence to approach more complex asanas. Oh, even more importantly, studying with Lindsay is fun!”

“Lindsay’s practice of gentle focus and attention to the particular, invites you to make small changes that yield large and lasting results. I’ve enjoyed working with Lindsay for over ten years. I am awed by her ability to help me recover, in a lasting way, from a debilitating injury. She has enabled me to reach beyond what I presumed to be my physical limits. Lindsay is a remarkable teacher, she brings rare gifts to her practice.”

“My gosh, what would I do without Lindsay? I dare not imagine. Lindsay has done more to heal my chronic injuries and imbalances than any other practitioner I have ever consulted – and I’ve seen a slew of physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractics! Lindsay is able to give intensively individualized attention to every one in the class. She is a tireless teacher – constantly and patiently adjusting cues to help all her students, with all their individual histories and physical quirks. She’s the best-kept secret around.”

“The calm and warmth of Majestic Yoga Studio is the result of Lindsay’s approach to her work. She is gentle and encouraging as an instructor and completely respectful of her students. Lindsay’s ability to guide us through poses, while learning about the strength and power of our bodies, is unique. I leave her class feeling stronger and relaxed. I am so grateful to have Lindsay as my teacher.”

“I am lucky to have discovered Majestic. I work in Harvard Square and it is so easy to get to the studio. There I leave all my cares outside, and relax into yoga. My friends and I adore Lindsay – she’s fun, expert, and exciting to watch!”

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