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10 Scientific Keys to Change Any Behavior

16 Oct

Interesting scientific facts of changing behaviors… *10 Scientific Keys to Change Any Behavior 1: Willpower is weak. Environmental influences are much more important than willpower. 2: Information does not lead to action. Emotions lead to action. (Tweet this) This one is harder to back up with scientific studies, but it has long been my personal […]

Check out 77 Health benefit of yoga

6 Oct  

Yoga with your Kids.

6 Oct

Not too fast, not too late. lets do yoga together with our kids. Yoga helps children to grow with mindfulness, and good health. Also doing yoga together, you might find new connection with your child, or children wink emoticon‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎children‬ ‪#‎together‬ ‪#‎connect‬ ‪#‎majesticyoga‬

Happy Monday!

5 Oct

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! ‪#‎mantra‬ ‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎majesticyoga‬‪#‎beautiful‬ ‪#‎you‬ ‪#‎monday‬

Art is Power, Art is Helper, Art is Everything.

4 Oct

Adoptable pit bulls show a softer side for sophie gamand’s flower power series ‘lux’ all images courtesy of sophie gamand america euthanizes upwards of 1,000,000 pit bulls every year – a startling statistic. the breed falls victim to generalization and prejudice that associates them with violence, making them ‘disposable’ dogs to many unfit owners. for […]

Benefit of Yoga for Men

3 Oct

The Benefits of Yoga for Men Many men are of the mindset that in order to lose weight and “get ripped”, they have to lift tons of weights, work out for hours on end while sweating excessively, and suffer through Spartan war-like contests of will and endurance. A trainer from Flexx Labs warns that while […]